Home Based Education

We believe that families need choices for their child’s education and care.  Sometimes a centre or kindergarten may not fit in with your schedule or you may just prefer a home environment, that’s where our home based education service is a great alternative.

Home Based Education provides more one on one personal attention from an educator and children benefit from being part of a small group (no larger than four children). 

Our educator’s provide a warm, friendly and caring environment that allows children to explore the world in a safe homebased setting. 

Our professional educator's are passionate about developing young minds and understand the importance of learning through children’s play. 

Home based education fits in with what you want for your child.  You choose an educator who matches your child's needs, family values and the hours of care you require.  The home based service is a great flexible option, so feel free to get in touch and talk to us about what you'e looking for.

Our educator's offer a range of skills, experience, interests and expertise.  They are individually police vetted, referee checked and hold a first aid certificate.

The Ministry of Education provides 20 free hours of early childhood education a week for children over 3 years of age.

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P: 0800 250 052 extn: 3
E: homebased@ikindergartens.nz

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