Parent Hui

Kia ora, thanks for coming to our Parent Hui!

The Parent Hui for parents to find our more about the possible merger were held in February. Missed your Parent Hui?  Click here to watch the recording of our online Parent Hui (45 mins)

Other key info!

> Click here to read the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), some terms of agreement which would guide the merger should it occur.

> Scroll down to watch our two minute video on our CONSULTATION JOURNEY with staff and parents, and what's ahead! 

> Why merge? Click here to navigate to our FAQs page to read more deeply into why we're exploring a merger, as well as other useful info! 


Contact us

Please email for specific enquiries or feedback, or call 0800 250 052 to speak with our Principal or a Senior Teacher about the Parent Hui or merger process. 

Tip! Click here to visit our FAQ page where you'll learn more about the reasons why we're exploring a merger as well as other useful info!