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What is Home Based Education?

Home Based Education provides a high standard of personal care, attention and tailored early childhood education for your child in a home environment. Each dedicated Educator has a maximum of four children in her/his care. Of these four children, only two will be between ages 0 - 2 years. This way we keep it as as close as possible to a home context. Small groups and an established connection with a single, ongoing caregiver can give them that extra confidence boost. Allowing them to relax, explore, play and thrive.

Why Home Based Education?

  • Small Groups
    We believe in a high standard of care and attention for each child. They'll gain one on 
    one personal attention from an educator with groups no larger than four children. 

  • Excellent Learning
    Our educator's are passionate about developing young minds, supported by experienced Senior staff and a wide variety 
    of learning resources. 

  •  Affordable
    We believe that families need real choices for their child’s education and care. Home Based Education provides a flexible, and affordable option.

  • Tailor-made Care
    Our Home based education fits in with what you want for your child. Select an educator who matches your child's needs, family values and the hours of care you require. 

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What do we do in an average Home Based day?

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