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Kindergartens remain popular because of their relatively low cost and their high quality education.

The Ministry of Education provides 20 free hours of early childhood education a week for children over 3 years of age.  Inspired Kindergartens have extended this to 30* free hours a week for children from 2 years of age.

However, the Ministry of Education funding does not cover all kindergarten costs. To assist with expenses that will enhance your child’s kindergarten experience, we ask families to make regular donations*.

Donations are based on the following scale:
Part day session (up to 4.25 hours) $6 per child
All day session (over 4.25 hours) - $8 per child

Donations* ensure kindergartens can maintain a high standard of education, including employing only trained and registered early childhood teachers.  All donations* received from families are retained by each kindergarten and channelled back into children’s learning.  These donations* assist with meeting the daily running costs of each kindergarten.

All donations* paid to the kindergarten can be claimed on an annual basis to receive a 33% tax credit refund from IRD.

Some kindergartens operate extended sessions. A separate fee is charged for these types of sessions.  Families/whānau who do not attest their full 20 hours ECE to the kindergarten will also be charged a proportionate fee. 

For more information, please speak to your kindergarten team directly.

*Terms and conditions apply.

All Day Kindergartens

OPEYS All Day Kindergarten and Maunganui All Day Kindergarten operate a different fee-based model, and offer 20 FREE hours for 3 - 6 year old children.

Fee Information:

For more information:

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