FAQs at Matua Kindergarten

Our frequently asked questions

  • Q1: “What Is 20 Hours ECE? Do I Qualify?”
    • The government subsidises all children who attend “Early Childhood Education” (ECE). If your child is 3, 4 or 5 and comes to Matua Kindergarten, we offer 20* Hours ECE
    • The cost is fully subsidised for up to 6 hours a day and up to 20 hours a week
    • However, we do request a small fee to cover some of our other costs (optional)
    • Find out more about 20 hours ECE from Parents.Education.govt.nz

      (* particular to Matua Kindergarten)
  • Q2: “Can Parents Join Our Sessions?”
    • Yes! We invite parents/caregivers to join in our sessions at any time
    • You may like to stay for the whole session or part of, if you have time to fill in
    • Younger siblings are welcome
  • Q3: “As A Parent, How Do I Get Involved?”

    Families are warmly welcomed and experience an environment where their contributions are valued and partnership is fostered. We invite parents / caregivers to join in our sessions at any time. You may have your own special talents or skills you can share with us, or you may be able to spare some time cutting up paper, fabric, magazines, etc. Feel free to stay for a whole session or just a part of the session - it's up to you. Younger siblings are warmly welcomed, however they do need to be minded by their parent/caregiver.   

    Join our Parent/Teacher Committee!
    We welcome you to join in our Committee - a group of interested, enthusiastic parents who support our kindergarten. They're also the driving force behind new family, and fundraising activities! So come and get involved - it's a great way to meet other parents and really helps to build our community. Chat to one of our friendly teachers to find out more!

  • Q4: “What Is My Child Going To Learn?”

    At Matua Kindergarten your child will experience a safe, peaceful environment, cultivating their natural curiosity for learning. As children explore the world around them, they develop theories and discover connections and meanings. We provide a variety of mixed resources and programmes to facilitate their learning development. 

    When it comes to their learning we know that the relationship 'is all' to the child. Your child's innate ability to learn will be sensitively supported by our uniquely qualified and highly experienced staff.  With us, your child has the freedom to explore, guided by their unique preferences and interests. Feeling secure and relaxed through their kindergarten journey helps them to approach primary with confidence.